Disney Day 38

My initial plans for this day were to go to Animal Kingdom. Then about two weeks ahead of my trip, Disney Cruise Line announced the booking dates for the Disney Wish. I had a few clients who had their booking date fall on this day. I had another agent covering for me who would helpContinue reading “Disney Day 38”

Disney Day 35

This morning it was time to say goodbye to the Grand Floridian and switch over to Caribbean Beach. Disney makes switching hotels fairly easy. You bring your bags to Bell Services and they will transport them over to the new hotel for you. They don’t arrive at the new hotel until late in the afternoonContinue reading “Disney Day 35”

Disney Day 33

Since I had an early night, I woke up to the news that Disney had changed its masks requirements. Masks were now optional when you were outside. Masks were still required for any indoor location, attraction and queue, even if the attraction / queue were outside. Going down for this trip, my expectation was thatContinue reading “Disney Day 33”

Disney Day 32

As planned, with the Princess and Dopey challenge completed, it was time to go to Walt Disney World to celebrate. This would be a solo trip with some meeting up with friends at different points. I had an early flight down to Orlando which was thankfully uneventful. I had arranged a town car pick upContinue reading “Disney Day 32”

Disney Days 28 – 31: The Dopey Challenge

I started training for this race series in November and it was finally time to get it done. As with Princess, this would have happened live in Walt Disney World but due to Covid, it was virtual. Different from Princess, I was not signed up to do this live in the first place. Disney requiresContinue reading “Disney Days 28 – 31: The Dopey Challenge”

Disney Day #21

The moral of the story for this day is that I shouldn’t have been stubborn and rented a scooter as soon as I arrived at Hollywood Studios, as my knee was not doing well at all. I thought about it and even started to walk that way when I entered the park but then IContinue reading “Disney Day #21”

Disney Day #20

I am happy to start reporting on actual at Disney “Disney Days!” (As video editing has become a new hobby since being home for the pandemic, with the exception of hotel pictures, all of my other pictures are park of the video at the bottom.) This day started out leaving Universal Orlando and moving overContinue reading “Disney Day #20”

Disney Day #14

This was our last full day in the parks. My sisters and I started by taking the monorail to the Polynesian to have breakfast at ‘Ohana. I have eaten dinner there several times but never had breakfast. ‘Ohana is served family style. You start with a coconut bread. Then you get a platter that hasContinue reading “Disney Day #14”